The history of Calwer-Eck in Stuttgart – about our microbrewery

The success story of our microbrewery – Calwer-Eck – started in April 1987. Our goal has been to establish a local beer pub in Stuttgart which is not limited to a special audience. We are happy to offer the right dish or beverage for every taste and time. After more than 25 years of serving original Swabian food and our famous beer we are happy to call us “first microbrewery in Stuttgart”. Every day we welcome people from all ages and countries. Let us introduce you to the world of brewing. The best way to get an insider view of our microbrewery is to book one of our brewery tours.

Calwer-Eck – the famous microbrewery in the center of Stuttgart

The success of Calwer-Eck is the combination of a cozy atmosphere, original meals which are prepared in front of the customer's eyes and a big variety of different kinds of home-brewed beers. Our pub in Stuttgart offers All-you-can-eat specials, Beer Bikes and a catering service in and around Stuttgart. Our microbrewery owns a brewing plant which was build in Hungary and donated to the City of Stuttgart by prince Luitpold of Bavaria. We are still brewing our fine beer under the German Purity Law of 1516 and in the original brewing plant. Our beers are not filtered or pasteurized because they are presented directly and fresh to our customers. Enjoy our cold Calwer-Eck-Bräu and discover the unique flavor of this cellar fresh beer. We would be happy to present you our new and classic creations soon!