The different beer-types of Calwer-Eck in Stuttgart

The year 1987 was the start of a new era in selling home-brewed beer specialties in Stuttgart. Based on our own recipe and under the world famous German Purity Law of 1516 we brew unique and fresh cellar beers.

Taste the special flavor of the Calwer-Eck-Bräu and enjoy the atmosphere at our our microbrewery right in the center of Stuttgart. We serve our home-brewed quality beers in 0,2 and 0,3 liter glasses so you will always find a fresh beer in front of you. But don't worry about the beer supply – you automatically get a new beer once you finished your old one. A covered glass means: “No more please – enough for today!”

You like self service? No problem – order a pitcher and enjoy 1,5 liters of finest Calwer-Eck-Bräu together with your friends.

Our standard beers

  • Naturtrübes Pils – cloudy pils
    Light and sweet beer brewed with barley and special malt under our own recipe. 11 % wort – 5,0 Vol. % Alcohol
  • Braumeisterbier – master brewers' beer
    Märzen style beer. An amber colored and low fermented beer brewed with barley and special malt. Light, malty and pleasant taste. 12,0 % wort – 5,5 Vol. % Alcohol
  • Helles Hefeweizen – bright Hefeweizen
    Brewed with wheat malt and barley. 11 % wort – 4,9 Vol. % Alcohol  
  • Schwarzbier – our dark beer
    Strong and full-bodied – brewed with special malt. 5,5 Vol. % Alcohol
  • Calwer-Eck Bierschnaps – beer schnapps
    White and piquant or brown and mild.

Our seasonal beers:

  • Doppelbock – double bock
    Probably the strongest beer in Stuttgart! Traditionally strong, not too sweet and brewed with original malt of Vienna. 18,2 % wort – 7,9 Vol. % Alcohol
  • Mehrkornbier – multi grain beer
    Strong and malty beer brewed with spelt-, rye-, wheat and barley-malt. 12,6 % wort – 5,5 Vol. % Alcohol  
  • Frühlingsbier – spring beer
    Fresh, golden-brown and not to heavy – the right beer for springtime. Brewed with malt of Munich. 12,6 % wort – 5,6 Vol. % Alcohol  
  • Maibock
    Strong, full-bodied and slightly bitter lager beer. 6,3 % wort – 6,9 Vol. % Alcohol  
  • Landherrenbier – country beer
    Full-bodied golden beer brewed according to old traditions. Organic spelt- and rye-malt. 12,5 % wort – 5,5 Vol. % Alcohol  
  • Volksfestbier – festival beer
    Strong and slightly bitter festival beer brewed with malt from Munich. 13,6 % wort – 5,8 Vol. % Alcohol  
  • Steinbier – stone beer
    Brewed according to an old recipe on a glowing granite block. The sugar of the malt leads to a caramelization which results in a very special taste. 11,5 % wort – 5,0 Vol. % Alcohol  
  • Weihnachtsbier – Christmas beer
    A dark and low fermented beer brewed with malt of Munich and barley. Aromatic and pleasant taste. 13 % wort – 5,8 Vol. % Alcohol